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-- The Dhammapada

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Summer's essence

Yes, as a matter of fact, it has been a month since my last blog. I can't believe it myself. I have a hunch, though, that there are many other bloggers like me, who somehow get extra busy in the summer and just don't find time to blog. I'm going to do better now, cross my heart.

So it's mid-August already. Cool, crisp, tart, refreshing. These are the hallmarks of my favorite summer foods -- salads, lots and lots of salads.

I eat other things, too, when the weather is warm. Corn on the cob, for instance -- briefly steamed and served plain, or with a squeeze of lime and a sprinkling of salt and ground chile, as the Mexicans enjoy it.

Also sandwiches, especially open-faced avocado sandwiches with fresh tomatoes, or with a bean spread or baba ghanoush. Or I'll saute some finely chopped fresh greens with lots of garlic, which are delicious piled on toasted baguette slices. Throw some pinnuts in with the greens and they're even better.

One particular salad combination that shows up regularly on my table is cucumbers and tomatoes, with olives and/or basil, and plenty of garlic. I keep the dressing very simply, with extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice,salt, and pepper.

It tastes like the essence of summer to me. I know for sure these super-fresh foods nourish me with their vitality. Blessings and bon appetit!


At 10:22 AM, Blogger Dori said...

It is hard to believe we have little of summer left. This dish is a great summer dish.

At 10:33 AM, Anonymous Veggies,Yarns& Tails said...

Summertime....and the cooking is easy!!! I just made a glorious fresh garden veg and herb soup yesterday, it was sooooooo good! More proof that cooking can be easy and delicious, just like your photo recipe!


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