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By your own efforts, waken yourself, watch yourself, and live joyfully.
-- The Dhammapada

Why not make a daily pleasure out of a daily necessity?
-- Peter Mayle


Life in the garden

No food photo today -- I've misplaced my camera (hope it's at my brother-in-law's house). So instead of writing about cooking, thought I'd do a different kind of post about what goes into keeping ourselves and our loved ones fed. The SF Chronicle ran a feature story in the magazine section yesterday about mushrooming and it got me thinking about Nature's bounty and how we all depend on it and how little most of us think about that.

So, in belated commemoration of Earth Day (April 22) and to usher in the lovely month of May, I'm reminding myself and anybody who happens to be reading this to pause and reflect on our interdependence with air and water and soil and sun and all the things that live in and grow from the Earth. Let's walk lightly on this precious planet -- using little, replenishing much (that means composting and keeping toxic chemicals out of our gardens). Let's be mindful of our thoughts, words, and actions so we sow seeds of joy in all we do.

Let's include all beings in our circle of compassion, sending out love in all directions. And, of course, let's celebrate life and deeply relish every meal and every moment, because it's a great privilege to be well fed and we better darn well be happy about it.

Okay, I'll get off my soapbox in a minute. But first, here's one final thought on the subject...

by Mindy Toomay

Using my hands to dig dark compost
into the sprawling strawberry beds,
I contemplate the multitude of forms
sifting through my fingers -
countless beings being born
and dying in this instant -
each reliant on the rest,
every one related,
my life no less dependent
than the worm's.

(P.S. The exuberant painting above is by Richard Earl Thompson.)


At 6:20 AM, Anonymous GERALDINE said...

Hi again Mindy, Hope this isn't a duplicate comment, the first one went pooooufffff...Anyways, great post, beautiful prose and painting. Im glad you stopped by Veggies, hope you will again soon. Yes, I think we share a lot of common interests. Id like to add you to my blogroll if thats ok?
Have a great day in sunny CA! Have only visited once but I loved it, never had so much energy as I did there...sea air and all??

BFN :)

At 8:44 AM, Blogger Mindy T. said...

Thanks, Geraldine, for your kind remarks. Yes, I'd love to be added to your blogroll. And I hope your Spring springs soon!


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